Top rated 20 Child Girl Names That Get started With O

Just one of the earliest and most substantial choices that mom and dad must make is deciding on a baby title. There are quite a few things to contemplate even though building a decision. Do you want to fork out tribute to a loved ones member? Do you want a name that evidently denotes a new child boy or a little one female, or do you want to go with a gender-neutral name?

The attractiveness of a toddler identify is, of course, a essential factor. Some mom and dad prefer to follow the crowd and go for a common and basic title that most people can pronounce and spell proper absent. To stand out from the group, some moms and dads are opting for a lot more abnormal and exclusive infant names. We’ll seem at the most well-known little one names starting off with O appropriate now and how they’ll impact child names in 2021.

Female Names That Start off With The Letter O

Irrespective of whether it’s the Italian Octavia or Shakespeare’s Ophelia, all of these lovely names have a little something special about them. Get much more baby girl names that will make you slide again in enjoy with your minor princess all around all over again.

  1. Olivia

Olivia is a Latin-derived girl’s title that implies “olive tree.” Olivia is a preferred toddler title in the United States, as effectively as a popular girl’s name in English-speaking and European international locations. It attained popularity after Shakespeare utilized it as the title of the countess in Twelfth Night time. The olive was a signal of Athena as very well as a symbol of peace and fertility in ancient Greece, and winners of the Olympic game titles were being given olive wreaths.

  1. Opal

The title Opal is a Sanskrit girl’s title that suggests “jewel.” The opalescent Opal, which was a Top 100 name in the to start with two decades of the twentieth century, has a decent chance of resurfacing as an additional O-original choice. October’s birthstone is the opal, a brightly colored transparent gemstone.

  1. Olga

The title Olga is a Russian girl’s name that suggests “blessed.” This Russian common nonetheless has an exotic vibe to it. Olga was a single of Chekhov’s 3 Sisters, the title of a saint who was influential in the propagation of Christianity in Russia and 1 of the most well known and preferred gymnasts in the USSR, Olga Korbut.

  1. Olive

Olive is a charming title for a minimal girl since it delivers up photographs of an olive branch, the ultimate emblem of peace. Olive was the name of Abigail Breslin’s cute character in the strike film Minimal Skip Sunshine. Olive Chancellor seems in Henry James’ do the job The Bostonians, and Olive Kitteridge is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Elizabeth Strout that was turned into a Television set miniseries in 2014. Olive the Other Reindeer is a well-known children’s guide.

  1. Ollie

Ollie is a girl’s identify that is linked to the Latin name Olivia. It can also be used as a boy’s name. Ollie suggests “olive tree” in English. Ollie is not as common as Olivia or Olive, but it is nonetheless a common identify.

  1. Ora

The identify Ora is a Latin girl’s name that implies “prayer.” With names like Ava, Ida, and Orla turning into far more popular, this title has a whole lot of opportunity. Ora Beach front is a well known vacationer spot on Indonesia’s Seram Island.

  1. Ola

Ola is the subsequent identify on the record of prime 20 newborn lady names. Ola is a female model of the masculine name Olaf, which comes from Outdated Norse and means “remnants of an ancestor.” Though the name Olaf is a boy’s identify, the pet edition Ola is progressively used for both of those boys and females. In Germany, the identify is most commonly used.

  1. Ophelia

The title Ophelia is a Greek girl’s title that suggests “assistance.” Ophelia is a charming name that has very long been connected with Hamlet’s sad heroine. There is also a heroic Ophelia in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 Uncle Tom’s Cabin, who appears to be to have impacted newborn names at the time.

  1. Octavia

The name Octavia is a Latin girl’s identify that signifies “eighth.” Octavia Spencer, who gained an Oscar for Finest Supporting Actress for her excellent effectiveness in The Help, not too long ago introduced the title to the limelight.

  1. Odessa

The identify Odessa is a Russian girl’s identify that usually means “Angry Guy.” Catherine the Great, inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, named Odessa, a Ukrainian port metropolis. It would be a one of a kind and thrilling alternative. Odessa experienced more acceptance in the United States in the earlier than you may assume.

  1. Ofelia

The identify Ofelia signifies “support.” It is a Greek girl’s name. It’s an Ophelia variation.

  1. Oma

Oma is an Arabic identify for women that suggests “leader.” It’s most most likely a feminine variant of Omar, which arrives from the Arabic language and indicating “prospering.” It’s also probable that it’s a diminutive of the Hebrew name Omana.

  1. Oralia

Oralia is a Latin identify for ladies that suggests “golden.” Aurelia is a female variation of the Latin title Aurelius. The name Aurelius will come from the Latin term aureus, which indicates “golden,” and was also the name of an ancient Roman gold coin.

  1. Oakley

The identify Oakley is an English girl’s name that suggests “wood meadow.” Following the Oakley sunglasses, Oakley has the one of a kind honor of turning into a member of the ‘brand’ named child club.

  1. Oleta

The title Oleta indicates “little winged just one, honesty, olive tree,” and it is a girl’s title with Latin and Greek roots. Oleta is a Latin variation of Alida, as perfectly as a variant spelling of Alda.

  1. Ouida

Ouida is an English girl’s title that comes from Louise’s Aged German identify, which usually means “great warrior.” It has managed to create a subtle reputation.

  1. Odell

Odell is an Outdated English boy’s title, occasionally made use of as a girl’s name. The which means of Odell is “woad hill.” If you’re a admirer of footballer Odell Beckham Jr., you might want to give your newborn girl this name.

  1. Ona

Ona is a Lithuanian and English girl’s title with Hebrew roots. Ona’s that means is “God was merciful.” One of all those names that have a selection of cultural connotations for example, it’s the Lithuanian type of Anna, and William Blake utilised it as the title of just one of his mystical, godlike people. However, it has turn into fashionable in Spain.

  1. Odalys

Odalys suggests “wealth,” which is a feminine variant of Otto. Otho and Odo are Old Significant German phrases derived from auda (wealthy). The namesake is Odalys Garcia, a Cuban-born design, actress, and singer.

  1. Orpha

Orpha is an English girl’s title that has Hebrew roots. Orpha is a variation of Orpah and means “head full of hair.” Orpah is a girl pointed out in the Hebrew Bible’s Guide of Ruth.


A title is never ever just a collection of letters place together for the sake of identification. Names permit you find out much more about a person’s temperament, as nicely as their hopes and targets. It would be very best to believe about names that start with the letter O due to the fact they are uncommon and distinctive.

This letter is thought to be a person of the most influential and powerful in the alphabet. The number 6 is linked to the letter, which signifies support to some others and is entire of caring, safety, and adore.

Ladies with names that get started with the letter O are sincere, compassionate, and clever, with a beautiful character. They are normally prepared to struggle for their values and objectives, in particular when the result in is for the good of others. Take a glance at the checklist of names supplied by CocoFinder previously mentioned.