TOP 50 ADORABLE and unique Irish girls names, RANKED

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Whether you hail from the Emerald Isle or just like the charm of Irish names, there are so many pretty Irish names to choose from for your baby girl.

From names steeped in lore and mythology to Irish surnames turned first names, these are the 50 most adorable and unique Irish girls names.

If you want to give your little one a cute Irish name but don’t want to opt for a more popular choice such as Aoife, Niamh, or Saoirse, we’ve got you covered.

50. Gael – descendants of the ancient Celts

Gael means descendant of the Celts.

This unusual unisex name is pronounced differently depending on whether it’s given to a boy or a girl. Pronounced ga-EL for boys and simply gale for girls, this name means ‘descendants of the ancient Celts’.

49. Bria – pronounced bree-uh

First up on our list of adorable and unique Irish girls names is the pretty name Bria. Meaning ‘noble’, this name is a variation of the more popular Brianna.

48. Logan – a modern twist on an Irish surname

Derived from the Irish surname, this pretty unisex name means ‘a little hollow’.

47. Iseult – meaning ‘iron ruler’

Pronounced ee-sult, this unusual Irish name derives from Irish mythology.

46. Eabha – pronounced ee-v or ee-va

This pretty Irish girl name is the Irish form of Eve and it means ‘life’.

45. Tallulah – popular choice for celeb babies

Tallulah is one of the most unique Irish girls names.
Credit: Flickr / oneredsf1

Meaning ‘lady of abundance’ or ‘leaping water’, Tallulah is a gorgeous Irish name fit for a little princess.

Actress Tallulah Bankhead is one of the most famous people with this name.

44. Mealla – pronounced meh-lah

Meaning ‘lightning’, this name was popular in years gone by. However, it is much more uncommon today.

43. Nora – a vintage choice

Nora is believed to have derived from the name Honora, meaning honour in Latin. This name is not as popular as it had been in years gone by, making it the perfect vintage name choice.

42. Doireann – the mythological daughter of Bodb Derg

Pronounced dor-en or dear-en, this pretty name means ‘tempestuous’ or ‘stormy’.

41. Ailis – Irish form of Alice

Also spelt Ailish, this stunning girl name was introduced to Ireland by the Normans in its French form Aliz. It means ‘noble’.

40. Moira – a variation of Mary

Moira is a variation of Mary.

A variation of Mary, Moira is one of the most adorable and unique Irish girls names. It means ‘bitter’, ‘beloved’, or ‘drop of the sea’. Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek is one of the most recognisable characters with this name.

39. Kira – an unusual spelling

An uncommon form of the more popular Ciara or Kiera, Kira is a pretty name meaning ‘little dark one’.

38. Neasa – thought to mean ‘not gentle’

Pronounced na-sa, this pretty Irish girl name derives from the mother of ancient Irish king Conchobhar.

37. Madigan – originally a surname

An alternative to the popular Madison, Madigan is a gorgeous Irish name that means ‘little dog’.

36. Sile – the Irish form of Cecelia

Pronounced shee-lah, this name means ‘pure’ and ‘musical’.

35. Etain – pronounced ee-tane

Etain is one of the most unique Irish girls names.

Etain is an unusual but no less beautiful Irish girl name choice. According to legend, Etain was a fairy who was turned into a butterfly.

34. Fallon – from an Irish surname

Fallon, once an Irish surname, has gained traction as a given name since the 1980s. This trendy name means ‘leader’.

33. Reagan – an adorable unisex name

Reagan is yet another pretty unisex name that finds its origins in an Irish surname. Meaning ‘little king’, this pretty name is one of the most adorable and unique Irish girls names.

32. Sheelin – inspired by a place

This pretty Irish girl name is actually inspired by a place: Lough Sheelin. Meaning ‘lake of the fairies’, this is a great mystical name choice for your little girl.

31. Caireann – meaning ‘little beloved’

Pronounced Kay-reen or Kay-ren, the name Caireann has gained traction in certain parts of the U.S. and Canada in recent years.

30. Murphy – most common as a surname

Murphy is more common as a surname.
Credit: Pixabay / edrews

One of, if not the, most popular Irish surnames also makes for a gorgeous given name for a baby girl. Murphy, meaning ‘hound of the sea’, is one of the most adorable and unique Irish girls names.

29. Rowan – for your little redhead

Rowan, meaning ‘little redhead’, is yet another beautiful name that started life as a surname.

28. Riona – pronounced ree-ona

The pretty name Riona is derived from the Irish rionach, which means ‘queenly’.

27. Mare – a variation of Mary

Yet another variation of Mary, the pretty girls’ name Mare means ‘star of the sea’.

26. Líadan – meaning ‘grey lady’

Pronounced lee-uh-din, this is yet another pretty Irish girl name that finds its roots in Irish mythology.

25. Cadhla – a pretty name

Cadhla is a pretty name.
Credit: Meanwhile In Ireland

Cadhla, pronounced Ky-la, is a pretty Irish girl name meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘comely’, or ‘graceful’.

24. Ailbhe – a pretty Irish girl name

Pronounced Al-va, this pretty Irish name means ‘noble’ or ‘bright’.

23. Aoibhe – pronounced ee-fah

A slightly more unusual form of the popular name Aoife, Aoibhe is a great pick for your baby girl. It means ‘life’ or ‘beauty’.

22. Eilish – meaning ‘pledged to God’

This name has gained popularity in recent years thanks to Irish-American singer Billie Eilish, whose middle name is actually Eilish.

21. Eavan – an Anglicisation of a popular Gaelic name

We love this Anglicised version of the Gaelic name Aoibheann. It means ‘beautiful sheen’.

20. Eithne – share your name with a famous Irish singer

Eithne is one of the most unique Irish girls names.
Credit: Facebook / @officialenya

Eithne, the Irish spelling of Enya, is a lovely name for your little girl. Brought to prominence by singer Enya, born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, this name actually means ‘nut kernel’.

19. Laoise – a name rooted in mythology

Pronounced Lee-sha, this gorgeous name derives from Celtic mythology and means ‘light’.

18. Bebhinn – also spelt Bevin

Bebhinn, pronounced beh-vin, is a beautiful name meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair lady’.

17. Carrigan – a surname variation

A variation of the Irish surname Corrigan, Carrigan, meaning ‘pointed’, is a cute name choice for your baby girl.

16. Merrin – brought to prominence by American singer Bo Bice

A variation of Merryn or Mirren, this beautiful name means ‘joyful’ or ‘lighthearted’.

15. Morrigan – from Irish mythology

The Morrigan comes from Irish mythology.

This unique name derives from Irish mythology. Symbolised by a crow, the Morrigan was a goddess of war.

14. Cailin – a name with a simple meaning

A much less common variation of names like Kaylen or Caitlin, this name simply means ‘girl’ or ‘lass’.

13. Tully – a cute and friendly name

Tully is for sure one of the most adorable and unique Irish girls names on this list. This cute name means ‘flood’, ‘peaceful’, or ‘hill’.

12. Darby – previously a popular choice for boys

Once a popular boy name, Darby has become a great unisex choice in recent years. It means ‘free from envy’ or ‘from the deer estate’.

11. Delaney – yet another surname turned first name

Delaney is another pretty Irish surname turned first name choice. It means ‘offspring of the challenger’.

10. Kiernan – a beautiful unisex name

Kiernan is one of the most unique Irish girls names.

Kiernan, meaning ‘little dark one’, is a gorgeous alternative to the popular girls’ names Ciara or Kiera.

American actress Kiernan Shipka is one of the most famous people with this name.

9. Iona – meaning ‘blessed’

Iona, meaning ‘blessed’, is pronounced exactly how it looks. This is a perfect unique name choice for your baby girl.

8. Siofra – derived from superstition

Siofra, meaning ‘sprite’ or ‘changeling’, is a relatively modern choice when it comes to Irish names. This name has its roots in the 18th-century Irish superstition of the changeling.

7. Breena – a charming name

This melodic girls’ name translates from Gaelic to mean ‘of the fairy place’.

6. Tierney – derived from Tiarnach

Tierney is a beautiful unisex name that means ‘descendant of a lord’.

5. Muireann – an uncommon choice

Muireann is an uncommon choice.
Credit: Flickr / Christophe Losberger

Pronounced ‘mweer-in’, this pretty Irish name derives from Irish mythology. It means ‘sea white’ or ‘sea fair’.

Kerry musician Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh is one of the most well-known people with this name.

4. Brenna – currently decreasing in popularity

Brenna, meaning ‘descendent of the sad one’, is the feminine form of Brennan.

3. Fiadh – a rapidly growing name

Fiadh, also spelt Fia, is a name that has grown massively in popularity over the last couple of years. It means ‘wild’, ‘weaver’, or ‘deer’.

2. Larkin – a simple and beautiful name

Another gorgeous unisex addition to our list is the beautiful name Larkin, which means ‘rough’ or ‘fierce’.

1. Sadhbh – a historical name

Sadhbh tops our list of unique Irish girls names.

Pronounced Sigh-v, Sadhbh tops our list of adorable and unique Irish girls names.

The name of several historical and mythological Irish princesses, this gorgeous name means ‘sweet’ or ‘goodness’.