Parenting Tips and Tricks

In today’s world, many parents are stressed either due to family or work pressure. It is observed that knowingly or unknowingly, many parents behave in an erratic manner. They create a suffocating environment for the children and family. Although such parents have intentions to give a world of happiness to their off springs, but due to their personal frustration they push their family life into a mire.

First of all, we have to understand that being a parent is a blessing. Many couples are living a miserable life because they are not blessed with this gift of God. Another most important aspect is that a mother and a father both as a parent has a responsibility to raise a child in a healthy and happy atmosphere. Parents have to gift their children sweet memories for a secure and prosperous future.

Follow these simple and give your child a loving memory of yours to cherish for their lifetime.

1. You are the entire world to your little one. So keep calm and happy.

2. Be available as a guide. Don’t over protect but stay vigil.

3. Encourage your child to talk and discuss with you about all his or her problems.

Never scold your child, if your child accepts his or her fault.Give your child time to amend the behavior.

4. Never give your child a reason to fear away from you. Give them confidence by showing your firm and friendly behavior.

5. Be a role model. The child will follow you.

6. Keep a realistic approach. Don’t expect too much from your life.

7. Try to find happiness in small things.

8. Have firm belief in God. Your hard work will not go in the garbage.

9. Don’t get hyper over the spilled milk.

10. Devote quality time with family. Your children need your love and support. Never ignore your family.

11. Feel lucky that your kids are near you.

12. Don’t show your disappointment. Show that you have tried your best.

13. Be tolerant and guide the consequences. Don’t force, but guide with appropriate examples.

14. Manage your office work with family life.

At times it becomes very difficult to keep calm and a parent may boil over. Just remember, you have a beautiful reason to live and carry on in life. In any case, if you get angry still there is a lot scope to heal and cover up before it is too late.