Living with Fragile X Syndrome: ‘He is growing … it’s just really slow’

Consumers have several options for shopping and dining out for the Fourth of July holiday. Unlike Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, most major retailers are open Sunday, though some stores have special holiday hours.… Read more »

Add art and soul to your home

While one’s choice of art can be subjective, artworks add character to a home. Choosing an art piece is like falling in love. For some, it is a tingle at first sight. For… Read more »

Britney Spears' father remains in guardian role as case continues

A 2019 photo shows Britney Spears at the premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California. LOS ANGELES (AFP) – A Los Angeles court has confirmed a months-old decision… Read more »

Events and listings: Food, exhibitions, charity

SINGAPORE – Savour your hunger for food deals, check out a whisky exhibition, or get your hands on almost-new items at a street thrift store event in Chinatown. Food & Drink Red, White and… Read more »

Pride Month is over. Here's how to be an ally to the LGBTQ community the rest of the year.

When David Cato walked into Banana Republic last month, he was struck by the Pride Month merchandise on display: Shirts, socks, umbrellas and more adorned with “rainbows everywhere.” “I’ve been so excited this… Read more »

Convenient, modern living in Amsterdam Noord

Ivy curls around the rusted steel balconies, inside the bed is made and the kitchen sparkles, and a rack of bikes are downstairs ready for the next journey into Amsterdam. These are the… Read more »

Love an Aperol Spritz? Now you can get a bottled ready-to-drink version of the classic cocktail

My memories of my last pre-COVID vacation include sunsets spent with my family in Capri, Italy flavored by the Aperol Spritz cocktail. Moments like those aren’t something you can easily bottle. But the… Read more »

SSO nominated for Gramophone's Orchestra of the Year award

This is the second time an Asian orchestra has been shortlisted for the award. SINGAPORE – The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) has been nominated for the prestigious Gramophone Orchestra of the Year award.… Read more »

Today's intense workplace culture can be traced back to a forgotten Soviet coal miner – podcast

This episode of The Conversation’s In Depth Out Loud podcast features the story of a young Soviet miner named Alexei Stakhanov, and how the work ethic he embodied in the 1930s has been… Read more »

Aaron Kwok shares photos of his latest movie role in The White Storm 3

Aaron Kwok posted two photos of him looking rugged on set on June 30, 2021. KUNMING – Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok has given fans another glimpse into his latest movie role after… Read more »

Hong Kong star Louis Koo to debut China-Korean girl group Skyle this month

Eva Yao (left) and Jennifer Zhou are reportedly two of the members of the new girl group Skyle. HONG KONG – Actor and film producer Louis Koo has formed a four-member girl group… Read more »

Fashion - a mirror or an escape?

Distinct militaristic undertones at Alexander McQueen (left) and Sacai. This article first appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, the leading fashion glossy on the best of style, beauty, design, travel and the arts. Go… Read more »

Actor James Franco agrees to pay $3m to settle sexual misconduct and fraud lawsuits

James Franco is accused in the lawsuit of subjecting women to personal and professional sexual exploitation in the name of education. LOS ANGELES (NYTIMES) – American actor James Franco has agreed to pay… Read more »

Style News: Youths in Balaclava x Royston Tan collab, Skin Inc's new body device

Home-grown streetwear label Youths in Balaclava has collaborated with local film-maker Royston Tan. Youths in Balaclava and Royston Tan in streetwear collab Fashion-savvy “young punks” are in for a treat. Home-grown streetwear label… Read more »

One third of migrant and refugee women experience domestic violence, major survey reveals

Shutterstock A third of migrant and refugee women in a new survey said they experienced some form of domestic and/or family violence. And temporary visa holders consistently reported proportionately higher levels of domestic… Read more »

PayPal poll: Fashion, beauty items most popular among cross-border online shoppers in S'pore

In all the markets, apparel and beauty supplies recorded the biggest surges in online purchases last year. SINGAPORE – Online customers in Singapore who shop across borders carted out clothing and beauty products… Read more »

Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction is overturned

A 2018 photo shows Cosby leaving court after his sentencing hearing. LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) – Pennsylvania’s highest court on Wednedsay (June 30) overturned Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, and ordered that he be… Read more »

Getting ready for July 4th? Tips for the perfect barbecue, according to experts

July 4th weekend is almost here, which means it’s time to fire up the backyard barbecue! To help your grilling go great, 24/7 Tempo solicited backyard barbecue advice from seven grilling experts from around… Read more »

Cheers to COVID-19 vaccination progress: Anheuser-Busch giving away free beer over July 4th holiday

Remember Anheuser-Busch’s promise to give Americans free beer if the White House hit its goal of 70% of U.S. adults by July 4? The beer maker is keeping its word, even though the… Read more »

Going to the beach for July 4th? Don't be the person on the sand that everyone hates.

Imagine this. You’re sprawled out on a beach towel, the smell of salt and sunscreen fills the air, and as the sun warms your back and shoulders, the sound of crashing waves lulls… Read more »

Coldplay go to outer space with new song

Formed in 1996, Coldplay is today one of the world’s best-selling music acts. SINGAPORE – The members of British band Coldplay have been thinking a lot about outer space recently. The popular quartet… Read more »

Rio Peng cried when Jay Chou posted drawing by fan with Down Syndrome

The little girl had drawn some of Jay Chou’s favourite things. TAIPEI – Taiwanese actor Rio Peng was so touched when singer Jay Chou posted an Instagram Story of a drawing by a… Read more »

Portraits of the most famous face in the world

Everywhere she goes, Queen Elizabeth II may see portraits and pictures of herself. Here’s one from the beginning of her reign in an exhibit in the new Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders’ Museum at… Read more »

Queen Elizabeth through the years: See her royal life

Queen Elizabeth II is in Scotland for Royal Week, her annual visit to the north where she will celebrate Scottish history and innovation in visits to businesses, charities and cultural institutions. She went… Read more »

Hot dogs cut wrong are the 'perfect size to get lodged into a child's throat'

The Fourth of July is already surrounded with enough hazards to stress out parents. We’re looking at you, open water and fireworks. But what about your kids’ plates? Summer is peak hot dog… Read more »

How researchers can keep birds safe as U.S. wind farms expand

Wind energy is surging in the United States. In 2020, turbines generated about 8 percent of the country’s electricity — more than 80 times the share of wind-generated electricity in 2000 —according to… Read more »

Mantis shrimp start practicing their punches at just 9 days old

The fastest punches in the animal kingdom probably belong to mantis shrimp — and they may begin unleashing these attacks a little more than a week after hatching, when they have just started… Read more »

Yawning helps lions synchronize their groups’ movements

Watch a group of lions yawn, and it may seem like nothing more than big, lazy cats acting sleepy, but new research suggests that these yawns may be subtly communicating some important social… Read more »

This is the most popular girl name in every state in the 21st century

Parents try pick the perfect name for their child, but what name is the most popular? To identify the 21st century’s most popular baby girl names in each state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the… Read more »

How a gecko named Mr. Frosty could help shed new light on skin cancer

A gecko named Mr. Frosty and his kin have helped scientists uncover the genetic glitch that gives these lizards their standout color — and their high risk for skin tumors. The geckos are… Read more »

Gray wolves scare deer from roads, reducing dangerous collisions

Gray wolves help keep North America’s deer populations in check, and by doing so, may provide an added benefit for people: curbing deer-vehicle collisions. In Wisconsin counties where wolf populations returned, the number… Read more »

‘Tree farts’ contribute about a fifth of greenhouse gases from ghost forests

If a tree farts in the forest, does it make a sound? No, but it does add a smidge of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. Gases released by dead trees — dubbed “tree… Read more »

Frog skin cells turned themselves into living machines

Using blobs of skin cells from frog embryos, scientists have grown creatures unlike anything else on Earth, a new study reports. These microscopic “living machines” can swim, sweep up debris and heal themselves… Read more »

Flamboyant fishes evolved an explosion of color as seas rose and fell

Fairy wrasses are swimming jewels, flitting and flouncing about coral reefs. The finger-length fishes’ brash, vibrant courtship displays are meant for mates and rivals, and a new study suggests that the slow waxing… Read more »

An ecologist’s new book gets at the root of trees’ social lives

Finding the Mother TreeSuzanne SimardKnopf, $28.95 Opening Suzanne Simard’s new book, Finding the Mother Tree, I expected to learn about the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. I had an inkling that… Read more »

European fire ant chemicals may send spiders scurrying away

To make a spider flee, bring on the fire ants. Or rather, just their chemical signals. Some spiders common in North American homes avoid building their webs in chambers that recently housed European… Read more »

Only 3 percent of Earth’s land hasn’t been marred by humans

The Serengeti looks largely like it did hundreds of years ago. Lions, hyenas and other top predators still stalk herds of wildebeests over a million strong, preventing them from eating too much vegetation.… Read more »

The dinosaur-killing asteroid impact radically altered Earth’s tropical forests

The day before a giant asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago, a very different kind of rainforest thrived in what is now Colombia. Ferns unfurled and flowering shrubs bathed in the sunlight… Read more »

For some dinosaurs, the Arctic may have been a great place to raise a family

Dinosaurs didn’t just summer in the high Arctic; they may have lived there year-round, new fossil evidence suggests. Hundreds of bones and teeth found along the Colville River in northern Alaska belonged to… Read more »

Discarded COVID-19 PPE such as masks can be deadly to wildlife

A Magellanic penguin in Brazil ingested a face mask. A hedgehog in England got itself entangled in a glove. An octopus off the coast of France was found seeking refuge under a mask.… Read more »

A common antibiotic slows a mysterious coral disease

Slathering corals in a common antibiotic seems to temporarily soothe a mysterious tissue-eating disease, new research suggests. Just off Florida, a type of coral infected with stony coral tissue loss disease, or SCTLD,… Read more »

Corals’ hidden genetic diversity corresponds to distinct lifestyles

Stony corals that build reefs have been hiding their diversity in plain sight. A genetic analysis of the most widespread reef coral in the Indo-Pacific revealed that rather than being a single species… Read more »

These climate-friendly microbes recycle carbon without producing methane

Earth’s hot springs and hydrothermal vents are home to a previously unidentified group of archaea. And, unlike similar tiny, single-celled organisms that live deep in sediments and munch on decaying plant matter, these… Read more »

Chinese mountain cats swap DNA with domestic cats, but aren’t their ancestors

Wild Chinese mountain cats aren’t the ancestors of domestic cats, but the two types of felines still swap genes. The wildcats’ DNA is inscribed on the genes of some pet cats living on… Read more »

Playing brain training games regularly doesn’t boost brainpower

It’s an attractive idea: By playing online problem-solving, matching and other games for a few minutes a day, people can improve such mental abilities as reasoning, verbal skills and memory. But whether these… Read more »

These beetles walk on water, upside down, underneath the surface

Being quite small, insects can have a very different relationship with the water-air interface than larger animals do. Surface tension allows for insects like water striders to skate along the top of still… Read more »

Kindred celebrity spirits: Sammy Hagar rocks new drinks, while Nick Offerman pours a limited-edition scotch

Sammy Hagar is already on top of the world in the ever-crowded celebrity spirits competition. For his next number, he’s joining the ready-to-drink cocktail party. The Red Rocker and onetime frontman for Van… Read more »

Mild zaps to the brain can boost a pain-relieving placebo effect

Placebos can make us feel better. Mild electric zaps to the brain can make that effect even stronger, scientists report online May 3 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The finding… Read more »

Brain implants turn imagined handwriting into text on a screen

Electrodes in a paralyzed man’s brain turned his imagined handwriting into words typed on a screen. The translation from brain to text may ultimately point to ways to help people with disabilities like… Read more »

Tiny crystals give a plain fish twinkling, colorful dots under light

As light shines steadily on a silver slip of a fish, minuscule dots on the fish start flashing: blue, yellow, blue, yellow. The bodies “do not glow like luminous fish,” Masakazu Iwasaka, an… Read more »