August Baby Names – Motherly

There are plenty of reasons August babies are unique. From their timing—goodbye summer, hello autumn—to the statistics that show babies born in August have a higher birth weight (which is linked to both short and long-term positive results) your end of the season babe needs a name that will fit his or her personality.

Another study has shown that August babies are extra positive people, something that is sure to help them lead a happy life. All of these reasons, along with the mere fact that your little one is finally making their grand entrance into the world, will make welcoming an August baby all that more special. Oh, and if your baby happens to be a Virgo, we have ideas for them, too.

These 20 names for August babies are sure to make you smile.

Gender Neutral Baby Names For August

Andy: In honor of legendary artist, film director, and producer, Andy Warhol, who was born in August, this name is a great choice for both boys and girls.

Peri: A not-so-common choice, this name was pulled from the word Peridot, which is the birthstone of August.

Onyx: Just like Peri, this name could be used for either female or male, and is also pulled from the word Sardonyx, another birthstone for the eighth month of the year.

Cameron: Actress Cameron Diaz was born in August and the name works for both boys and girls.

Boy Names For August

Augustus: This one speaks for itself, and Auggie makes an extra cute nickname.

Leo: If your baby boy is born between July 23 and August 22, their astrological sign, Leo, doubles as a handsome name.

Cyrus: This name means sun, something that is plentiful in the month of August.

Oakley: If you’re looking for a unique name, this is a great choice.

Sol: The Spanish word for sun doubles as a stunning name.

Azra: A trendy name for the summer months.

Girl Names For August

Charlize: Actress Charlize Theron celebrates her birthday on August 7.

Blossom: Your little one will likely be the only one they know with this gorgeous name.

Mila: Not only has the name Mila grown in popularity in recent years, but Mila Kunis was born in August, making it a perfect reason to use the beloved moniker.

Oriana: The Latin word for “dawn” is a perfect Summer name.

Theresa: A classic name that has perfect meaning for August, the month in which Mother Theresa was born.

Luna: August is a perfect month to stargaze, so if you find yourself dreaming about the beauty of the world, choose this name which means moon.

Augusta: The feminine version of Augustus makes for a beautiful name.

Poppy: The United Kingdom’s flower for August, the Poppy, is a fun and adorable name.

Coco: Famous designer Coco Chanel celebrated an August birthday.

Olive: The color of the food is also the color of the Peridot birthstone.