Amnesty, Criminality and Rule of Law



Final week, the 3 incidents which caught most of Nigeria’s awareness, were being the arrest of fugitive from justice, Nnamdi Kanu, and his repatriation to Nigeria to come and keep on his demo (and possibly deal with extra charges) the raid/excessive attack on Yoruba secessionist, Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho’s residence in Ibadan, and the passing of the Petroleum Sector Invoice just after pretty much 15 yrs in the Nationwide Assembly cooler. We are still to get the total information of this new Bill, but from the snippets we have heard, the host communities will be offered 3% payment, to the chagrin of Senators from the South South location who have been demanding 5%.

Nnamdi Kanu’s Arrest, the Ensuing Drama and Tribalism

The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu which came as a shock to all, has previously been enmeshed in the regular Nigerian drama and controversy. I even observed a videoclip of his Law firm stating something to the outcome that as a British citizen, Kanu ought to not have been arrested in a further place, and brought back again to Nigeria. Tah! I am a British citizen by beginning. Pray explain to, when did British citizenship begin to confer immunity from suit and lawful procedure in a overseas land, in particular for a single who has been billed to court for a legal offence and jumped bail? Nevertheless the Federal government has been silent about wherever Kanu was arrested, his brother claimed that his arrest was effected in Kenya. Kenya, Nigeria and the British isles are all member nations around the world of Interpol (Intercontinental Legal Law enforcement Organisation) whose Mum or dad Agency is the UN an international Police outfit, which can help the Police Forces of its member States collaborate to apprehend criminals/fugitives from justice. At some place, this ‘million dollar question’ will turn out to be pertinent – why did Nnamdi Kanu believe that he experienced to abscond?

As for me, permit me start off by expressing that my heart’s wish is a 1, united Nigeria, but definitely dependent on the sacred ideas of equity, equality, justice and secularity. However, as is the norm these days, the problem of tribalism has not been still left out of Kanu’s drama. Lots of Nigerians (in the South), even the Governor of Benue Point out, consider that if the Govt can arrest Kanu in a overseas land, and launch these kinds of an attack applying what seemed like abnormal force on Sunday Igboho and his residence (killing two people and unnecessarily destroying his home)(similar to what was finished in Nnamdi Kanu’s residence in September, 2017), they unquestionably have the wherewithal to arrest Boko Haram insurgents and other bandits/kidnappers in the Northern sections of the nation, like Dan Karami and Dogo Gide who have for just one, terrorised and brutalised the Katsina and Zamfara individuals for yrs. Why hasn’t this been carried out? Is it that the Federal Authorities is only interested in vanquishing Southern secessionists so that electricity does not devolve and continues to be in the centre as it does now, even though not caring too considerably about ‘ordinary’ Northern criminals who do not pose a risk to this Unitarianism?

Once again, the failure to go after these Northern criminals with the identical gusto and aplomb that Kanu was pursued and arrested, has been attributed to tribalism and partiality. The attack on Sunday Igboho, is also remaining utilised as yet another instance of how Government is clamping down on the Southern sections of the place, though others are ostensibly left to run riot, terrorise the folks and are mollycoddled and supplied amnesty rather. Dan Karami even boasted that the Point out Govt arrived to ‘beg’ him to permit people to go to their farms, whilst Gide who was granted amnesty less than previous Zamfara Governor, Abdul’aziz Yari, recanted, returned to the forest and resumed his previous prison methods. A legal suspect is exactly that – a criminal suspect no make a difference where he or she hails from, and should be taken care of as such.

The discussion is by now raging, as to why Nnamdi Kanu ought to be treated like a legal and be experiencing prices, when he is performing exercises his suitable to self-perseverance, a appropriate which is recognised underneath intercontinental regulation (but definitely will become prison, when it turns to insurrection), and even indirectly in our Structure by advantage of Sections 38, 39 & 40 (liberty of considered, expression and association) when folks like Sheik Gumi are asking for amnesty for bandits/criminals of Northern origin, maybe even foreigners also (non-Nigerian Fulanis)! Sheik Gumi has been seen at numerous times in videoclips, parleying with Northern bandits, several of them slinging AK 47 rifles on their shoulders like handbags – why ended up they not arrested? Why was Sheik Gumi not ‘tailed’ to the criminals’ hideouts, so they could be arrested? The answer is apparent – Authorities did not want to. Has culpability for criminality now been decreased to an problem of tribalism, and not regulation and proof? Many are stating that, if Sheik Gumi is trying to find amnesty for recognized armed Northern criminals – kidnappers, rapists and killers, why must anybody be searching for Sunday Igboho so vehemently? What criminal offense was Igboho alleged to have committed, in advance of the authorities laid siege to his home? We would like to know.


Amnesty is overlooking or absolution, the act of forgetting an offence, usually 1 that relates to offences towards the political order of a Point out like treason and sedition. Amnesty must be distinguished from Pardon, which means forgiveness. The difference is that for Amnesty, the offender may perhaps not have been charged in advance of a courtroom of legislation or convicted, when for Pardon, the offender has been found guilty of an offence, convicted, and is then forgiven by the President or Governor. Amnesty can be given following a big celebration, like how the Biafran troopers have been granted amnesty immediately after the civil war.

Is granting amnesty to any individual in Nigeria, constitutional? In 2009, President Yar’Adua granted amnesty to the militants, to quell their insurgency in opposition to Nigeria and the oil installations. Must he have? Sections 175 & 212 of the Constitution makes it possible for the President and Governors respectively, immediately after because of session with their Councils of State, to grant a Pardon to a convict, or respite of the execution of a sentence, or substitute a a lot less severe variety of punishment for any punishment imposed. Some proffer the argument that Sections 175(1)(a) & 212(1)(a) which use the words and phrases ‘concerned with any offence’, as the basis for asserting that pardon as furnished in the aforementioned sections, can also be made use of interchangeably as amnesty for non-convicts (and for any offence), but, my situation is that the grant of amnesty is not for pure bandits and criminals.

And, so what, if these bandits are total of issues about how the technique is warped and corrupt, and has failed them and supplied them a negative offer? I’m certain if we went to Kirikiri Prison, virtually just about every inmate there will have just one pathetic tale or the other to convey to, about why they were being constrained to transform to crime to eke out a living, possibly due to the fact of chronic unemployment and its accompanying starvation. Should the gates of all the Prisons in Nigeria then be thrown open, and just about every inmate forgiven and allowed to go residence simply because they have repented? This suggestion sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? In which do we draw the line? It is as ridiculous as expressing that those who have kidnapped the minor Islamiyya kids of Niger Point out, of which a person was described to have died, or those people who killed the 5 harmless Greenfield College, Kaduna Condition pupils must be allowed to go scot free of charge due to the fact the method has unsuccessful them. The procedure has failed us all – admittedly, some far more than others should we all then vacation resort to criminal offense, to exhibit our discontent and make our position?

Rule of Law

As much as I’m worried, whether or not Nnamdi Kanu, or any one who is suspected to have fully commited a crime – Federal government must follow due method and abide by the rule of regulation. Was there a proper invitation issued to Sunday Igboho to check out the authorities? Did he refuse to honour the invitation? Was an arrest warrant subsequently issued? On what grounds? The truth that the DSS went to his household in the useless of evening, reveals that they have been not there for a friendly chat or invitation. Was there a lookup warrant issued, right before his residence was ransacked and destroyed? Who was existing from Sunday Igboho’s aspect when his dwelling was remaining denuded, to ensure that no evidence was planted from him by the DSS, like weapons or medicines, just to incriminate him? Did any person indicator a doc on Mr Igboho’s behalf, to validate that the weapons which ended up allegedly found in his residence, have been now there and not planted? I consider not, considering that they were all running for pricey daily life. After all, it will not be the to start with time that Nigerian legislation enforcement will notify lies, or deal with up (the #EndSARS Lekki Tollgate incident of Oct 2020, commonly will come to brain).

I do  concur that no hurt really should befall Nnamdi Kanu even though he’s in the custody of the Condition, as was the fate of Mohammed Yusuf, the leader of Boko Haram who was killed more-judicially by the authorities at the time, as a consequence of which a total fledged Boko Haram monster was facilitated, in launching a revenge mission in opposition to the Nigerian Point out for this injustice.

Part 42(1)(b) prohibits discrimination and according privileges not accorded to all, based inter alia, on ethnicity and religion. Suspects must all be billed for offences which are known to regulation, presumed innocent till established guilty, and supplied reasonable hearing (Part 36(9), 36(5) and 36(1) of the Constitution). Their right to daily life, except in the execution of a sentence, should be upheld (Part 33(1) of the Structure), even though they must not be subjected to indignities, torture and inhuman remedy (Segment 34(1)(a) of the Structure). See the Anti-Torture Act 2017. Suspects are all entitled to legal representation, which if they simply cannot pay for, counsel ought to be appointed for them via authorized assist. The proceedings against them ought to be guided by the Administration of Legal Justice Act (ACJA). All these rights are relevant to Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho, Dan Karami, or any other people who may well be facing criminal prices.

Applications for bail will have to be entertained, the grant of which is at the discretion of the Choose. For a person like Nnamdi Kanu who jumped bail and unsuccessful to look in courtroom for his demo for the previous few a long time, will his declare that he jumped bail in purchase to protect his existence because his existence was in threat at the time his house was attacked by soldiers in 2017, avail him a defence towards one particular of the key requirements for an person not being suitable for the grant of bail – that these types of individual may well soar bail? Will his inciting statements on social media though he was a fugitive from the legislation, even threatening the daily life of the Governor of Rivers Point out, be enough evidence that he has breached one more element that is regarded in the grant of bail – no matter if the person will dedicate yet another crime though on bail? See the circumstances of Chedi v AGF 2006 13 N.W.L.R Section 997 Site 308 at 322 and Ojo v FRN 2006 9 N.W.L.R. Element 984 Website page 103 at 115-116 each circumstances for every Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, JCA ( as he then was).

In the scenario of Sunday Igboho, was his dwelling raided mainly because of his secessionist tendencies and Government’s desire to truncate the rally which he was to be a part of in Lagos very last Saturday? The point that Nigeria has sunk into a state of anarchy, is indeniable. Will Sunday Igboho’s quest to defend his people today in the facial area of attacks allegedly by Fulanis, as a substitute of leaving them as sitting down ducks like individuals in Benue and Zamfara States for instance, the Nigerian Point out obtaining unsuccessful to safeguard them, be a practical defence or mitigation for regardless of what crimes he may possibly be accused of (self defence)?


My advice to Governing administration (irrespective of whether they want it or not), is to perish the thought of granting amnesty to bandits. Aside from the actuality that the idea may possibly be unconstitutional, most of these individuals do not qualify for amnesty – they are perpetrators of pure criminality, and need to be created to experience the outcomes of their steps. On the other hand, in so doing, the rule of regulation will have to be observed, and each individual suspect presented a fair and transparent trial. I viewed a videoclip of Senator Ali Ndume, in which he spoke vehemently against granting amnesty to insurgents, citing the instance of how a quantity of clerics in his village have been rounded up and slaughtered by insurgents like rams in an abattoir. Should really individuals who destroy harmless farmers in Benue State, raping their ladies in the cut price, not be apprehended and punished for their cruel crimes? Or these that killed 7 villagers in Kaduna Point out about the weekend, be let go if they are apprehended? What genuine bring about are they combating for, that warrants amnesty?

When the lines of the clamour for self-willpower, or discontent or disillusionment cross into criminality, my humble look at is that, these circumstances have to be treated with the seriousness they demand, with certainly no sacred cows. The danger that the State will burn off if the regulation is permitted to just take its study course, is cheap blackmail, and regrettably, this blackmail is being fuelled by Government’s comfortable treatment of Northern criminals, and seemingly harsher procedure of those people from the South. This is no way to run a region, whose essence need to be based mostly on the concepts of fairness, equality and justice and, as extensive as these kinds of injustice is observed to be perpetrated in favour of some over other individuals, we will see a lot of far more Nnamdi Kanus and Sunday Igbohos, as we have found that the silencing of Mohammed Yusuf did not end his motion. In truth, it expanded it.

I urge Governing administration to tread carefully, pretty, constitutionally and lawfully in all that they do to handle these safety, and in truth, all other challenges. For one particular, at least 60% of Nigeria’s populace comprises of Youths, many of whom are lending their support to the numerous clamours for secession, simply because they much too sense hopeless and challenging finished by the method. President Buhari is totally proper in his assertion that, quite a few of the Youths have not skilled the trauma of war, like people in his technology have. As a result, their tolerance for injustice and its siblings, cuts down with just about every passing day, and their frustrations are acted out by signifies of signing up for the clamour for secession and insurrection (as if this is the magic wand that will make every little thing lovely). A phrase, they say, is plenty of for the intelligent. Govt, take heed.


“Has culpability for criminality now been minimized to an problem of tribalism, and not regulation and proof?”