21 Olympic Baby Names To Represent Strength & Perseverance

Before Sha’Carri Richardson ran up the stairs to lay in her grandmother’s chest after winning the 400-meter race and qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, most of us didn’t know her name. But moment by moment, we’ve heard new and familiar names announced as top contenders in their sport who are now headed to Tokyo to represent America in the 2020 Olympics.

Not only do these competitors inspire us to reach for everything we want and operate at our best level, but hearing their names cheered on and celebrated also drops more ideas for selecting that special name for your baby. They make you think a bit harder and even want to dig up the meaning to see if the name has any semblance to how competitive and outstanding these achievers are. You should definitely consider some Olympians’ names for your baby. And don’t for one second think this is just about running, swimming, playing soccer or golf, etc. — records are being broken and new ones are set. These athletes are pushing themselves despite their circumstances and beating the odds. History is being made.

But that is nothing new! Olympians have been wowing the world as they represented their countries since the first Olympic games in 1896. And as the world changed, so did the Olympics.

This list of diverse names reflects those changes and represents winners both past and present. Whether you want one for your baby that says they’re strong, they’re determined, or they’re chosen and special, there’s something here. And there’s something in the Olympics.


Simone Biles, aka the G.O.A.T. You know, the gymnast who’s won over 25 World medals and won four Olympic gold medals her first year at the games? Her name is Hebrew and means “one who has heard.” Just hearing her name makes you think of the best!


Sha’Carri Richardson, the Olympic track star, doesn’t hesitate to correct reporters on pronouncing her name, and while I don’t personally know the story behind it, it’s beautiful and unique! She’s a winner because she admittedly pushes herself until she feels uncomfortable so she can grow her skills. That’s a quality trait you want your baby to have.


Noah Lyles is fast! He holds a world’s best record and is mostly known for winning at sprinting. The name Noah is a Hebrew, gender-neutral name that means “rest, peace,” — a perfect choice as I’m sure he stays calm under pressure.


Wilma Rudolph is a legend. Despite being diagnosed with polio and not walking until 12 years old, she won Olympic gold medals and broke track records in the 1960s. The name is German and means “resolute protection.” Your little Wilma will have tenacity, strength, and perseverance.


Sunisa is a beautiful name with Asian and Australian roots. Imagine Sun being the first part of your baby’s name — their personality will be just as bright. Sunisa Lee is an American gymnast who is one of the front runners of this year’s USA team.


Michael may seem like a basic name, but the American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is anything but. He has 23 Olympic gold medals, which is the highest record. Michael is a popular and solid boy’s name, is Hebrew, and means “who is like God?”


Allyson Felix has a mom story that makes you want to say, “In your face!” Nike dropped her endorsement after she got pregnant, but she returned (after a C-section) and qualified for the Olympics with her beautiful baby right there. (She even created her own tennis shoe line.) The unique spelling of Allyson, which is German meaning “noble, exalted,” makes nicknaming your baby Ally even cuter.


Daley is Irish and means “assembly, gathering.” Calling your baby by this name would bring such a friendly and happy vibe. It’s inspired by Daley Thompson, British Olympian who won gold for the decathlon twice in the 1980s.


Galen Rupp is an American long-distance runner headed to the Olympics for the fourth time, despite having asthma since he was 9. Galen is a Greek name that means “calm, healer.” Choosing this name would be fun and outside of the box.


Paul Harding – PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Hunter is an English name and means “one who hunts.” It’s a boy’s name that gives a rugged, outdoorsy feel, and the Olympic inspiration behind it is even better. Hunter Woodhall is a Paralympian who had both legs amputated when he was an infant. But Woodhall’s childhood was filled with football and eventually track because he was determined to do everything he wanted. At 22, he holds a bronze and silver medal in Track and Field, and is headed to the 2021 Paralympics in Tokyo.


Tara is such a pretty name for a girl. Its simplicity has a sweet tone even though the Irish meaning is “rocky hill.” The inspiration for this name is from Tara Davis, a proud Texan, American Track and Field runner, and Hunter’s girlfriend. This year Davis qualified for her first Olympic games in the long jump.


Your baby girl will enter this world commanding attention with the name Venus! It is powerful and magnetic. Venus Williams is a famous tennis star and a four-time Olympic gold medalist.


If you’re going for a unique name, Jrue is it! It sounds like Drew, which is short for Andrew, but looks like True with a ‘J.’ It’s Hebrew and means “the Lord is exalted.” Jrue Holiday is a basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks and excited to be a part of the USA basketball team in this year’s Olympics.


Alina sounds exactly like its Slavic meaning, “bright, beautiful.” Alina Zagitova is a Russian figure skater who won an Olympic gold medal as a young teenager and has top skating performances. You should put this one on the shortlist for girl names.

Jerome + David

These names are side by side for a reason. Jerome Avery was a guide in the Paralympics for David Brown, a totally blind sprinter. The camaraderie and teamwork they exhibit are heartwarming. And the best part is seeing Avery mouth “Go, David,” and watching him slow just a bit so Brown can run alone across the finish line. (Tears) Jerome is a masculine name for your baby that sounds like a loyal best friend. It’s Greek and means “sacred name.” David reminds me of King David in the Bible, and the name is Hebrew meaning “beloved.” Either one of these names would be a great choice.


Usain Bolt’s Olympic accomplishments are summed up in his last name! He’s fast. At one time he was known as the fastest timed human alive. He won three gold medals in three different track games in 2016 as he represented Jamaica. Usain is Arabic and means “beautiful,” and it totally stands outside of the lines of typical names.


Dominique Dawes made history in 1996 as the first Black person to win an individual event medal in gymnastics. Dominique is a French/Latin, gender-neutral name that means “of the Lord.” It’s a name that can be both exotic and remind you of a childhood friend.


Naomi Graham represents America beyond heading to the Olympics for boxing. She’s also an active-duty soldier in the army. Naomi has such a sweet ring to it for your baby girl, and it’s Jewish and means “pleasant one.” Maybe your little princess will be super kind, but know how to pack a punch.