200+ Biblical Names for Boys

The Bible is one of the most vital religious texts of all time. At about 2,700 yrs previous, it incorporates a broad pool of personalized names which have motivated moms and dads for millenia. A lot of Biblical names are familiar and nevertheless trending to this working day, but there are also a lot of one of a kind Biblical boy names that are ready to be found! Here’s a listing we compiled of around 200 boy names from the Bible.

Aaron – Exalted, sturdy
Abdiel – Servant of God
Abednego – Servant of Nego
Abel – A Breath
Abiel – God is my Father
Abner – Father of Light
Abraham – Father of Nations
Absolom – Father is Peace
Adam – Gentleman, Of the Earth
Adin – Beautiful or Slender
Adlai – God is just
Adonai – God is my Lord
Adriel – Congregation of God
Aeneas – Praiseworthy, Commendable
Aithan – Firm, Solid
Alexander – Defender of the People
Ammiel – God of my People today
Amos – Burdened
Andrew – Manly
Angel – Messenger of God
Aquila – Eagle
Aran – Wild Goat or Forest
Archippus – Master of the Horse
Areli – Lion of God
Ariel – Lion of God
Artemas – Full
Asa – Doctor
Asher – Blessed, Happy
Augustus – Terrific
Ayaan – reward of God
Azel – Unidentified Which means
Balthazar – Baal protect the king
Barak – Blessing, Spark
Barnabas – Son of Encouragement
Bartholomew – Son of Talmai, Furrowed
Baruch – Blessed
Bela – Devouring
Benjamin – Son of my Suitable Hand
Cain – Obtained
Caleb – Full Hearted
Cane – Stalk of Sugar
Chileab – Like His Father
Chilion – Total
Xmas – Christ-feast
Clement – Light, Merciful
Cohen – Priest
Coriander – Romance, Spice
Cornelius – Horn
Crispus – Curly-Haired
Cyrus – Heir to the Throne
Daniel – (Only) God is my Choose
Danil – God is my choose
Darius – Upholder of the Great
Dathan – Blend of David and Nathan
David – Beloved
Demetrius – Devotee of Demeter
Dor – Technology
Dori – Gift or Generation
Dzon – God Is Gracious
Ebenezer – Stone of Support
Eden – Paradise
Edom – Crimson
Eleazar – God has assisted
Eli – Peak
Eliada – God Is Knowing
Eliakim – God Rises
Eliam – Persons of God
Elias – The Lord is My God
Eliel – God, My God
Elihu – He is my god
Elijah – My God is Yahweh
Elisha – God is My Salvation
Eliud – God is Excellent
Elkanah – God bought
Elliott – The Lord is My God
Elon – Oak Tree
Emmanuel – God is With Us
Enoch – Focused
Ephraim – Extremely Fruitful
Ephrath – Israeli Spot Title
Esau – Bushy
Ethan – Agency, Strong
Ezekiel – God will Strengthen
Ezra – Aid
Felix – Pleased and Prosperous
Gabriel – God is my Toughness
Gaius – Particular person of Earth
Gamaliel – God is my reward
Genesis – Starting, Delivery
Gershom – Stranger
Gethsemane – Oil Press
Gideon – Woodsman
Gilead – Biblical Put Identify kind of Gilad
Gomer – To Full
Haran – Mountaineer
Hermes – Interpreter
Hezekiah – God Strengthens
Hiram – Exalted Brother
Hosea – Salvation
Ibraheim – Father of Nations
Ichabod – Departed Glory
Immanuel – God is With Us
Ira – Watchful
Isaac – He Will Giggle
Isaiah – God is Salvation
Isaias – God is my salvation
Ishmael – God will listen to
Israel – Wrestled with God
Izzy – God is My Oath
Jacob – Supplanter
Jada – Clever
Jadiel – just one who will choose
Jadon – God has Read
Jair – He Shines, He’s Enlightened
Jairus – He Shines
James – Supplanter
Jared – Descent
Jason – Healer
Jasper – Treasurer
Javan – Youth
Jedidiah – Close friend of God
Jeremiah – God will Uplift
Jeriah – Taught by God
Jeriel – Anxiety of God
Jesher – Upright
Jesse – God’s Gift
Jesus – God is Salvation
Jethro – Abundance
Joachim – Raised by Yahweh
Task – He Who Weeps
Joel – The Lord God
John – God is Gracious
Jonas – A dove
Jonathan – God has Supplied
Jorah – Early Rains
Jordan – To Movement Down
Joseph – God will Maximize
Joshua – God is My Salvation
Josiah – God will help you save
Josue – God is Salvation
Jotham – God is Perfection
Judah – Praised
Judas – Praised
Jude – From Judea
Julius – Youthful, Downy
Justus – Just, Honest
Kaleb – Complete Hearted
Kedar – Darkish A single
Laban – White
Lael – Of God
Lazarus – God Has Served
Levi – Joined in Harmony
Linus – Flax coloured
Great deal – Concealed, Veiled
Luke – Person From Lucania
Madian – Mysterious Indicating
Mahershalalhashbaz – Swift Are The Spoils, Fast Is The Plunder
Malachi – Messenger of God
Mark – Warlike
Matthew – Gift of God
Matthias – Gift of God
Melea – Complete, Total
Messiah – Anointed A single
Micah – Who is like God?
Michael – Who is like God?
Misael – Who is Like God?
Mishael – Who is Like God?
Moreh – Stretching
Moses – Born of a God
Moss – Born of a God
Musa – saved from the h2o
Naphtali – My Wrestling
Nathan – He Gave
Nathaniel – Gift of God
Nehemiah – God has Comforted
Neriah – Lamp of God
Nicodemus – Victory of the Folks
Nicolas – Victory of the People
Noah – Relaxation, Peace
Obadiah – Servant of Yahweh
Omar – Extended Daily life, Well-liked, Flourishing
Oren – Jerusalem Pine
Othniel – Power/Lion of God
Paul – Humble, Modest
Peniel – Facial area of God
Perez – Son of Pedro
Peter – Rock
Philemon – Loving
Philip – Lover of Horses
Psalm – Song or To Pluck
Ram – Godlike
Rapha – Comfort, Healing
Raphael – God has Healed
Reuben – Behold, a Son
Reuel – Mate of God
Rufus – Pink Haired
Samson – Solar or Company
Samuel – His title is God
Saul – Borrowed
Seraiah – Prince of the Lord
Sergius – Web
Seth – Appointed
Shamar – Fennel
Shiloh – His reward
Simon – God has Listened to
Solomon – Tranquil Just one
Stephen – Crown
Tabor – Pinnacle, Top
Talmai – Mound, Hill
Teman – Human being from Yemen (South)
Terah – Wanderer Station
Thaddeus – Praise
Theophilus – Loving God or Close friend of God
Thomas – A Twin
Timon – To Honor, Hold in Esteem
Timothy – To Honor God
Titus – Of Unfamiliar Which means
Tobiah – God (Jevoah) is Good
Tobias – God is Very good
Uri – God is My Light
Uriah – God is my Light-weight
Uriel – God is my Gentle
Yahuah – God is My Salvation
Yocheved – God’s Glory
Yotam – God is Upright
Zacchaeus – Pure
Zaccur – Aware
Zebadiah – Endowed by God
Zedekiah – God is Righteousness
Zephan – God Has Hidden
Zephaniah – God Has Hidden
Zerah – Brilliance
Zimran – Singer of Praise
Zion – Israel
Zuriel – The Lord is my Rock

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