15 Hawaiian Girl Names As Beautiful As The Islands

Maybe you visited there once and fell in love with the lush landscape. Or maybe you have a Tutu Wahine or Tutu Kane who you love very much and want to honor by bestowing their name upon your baby. No matter what the reason, baby names that are inspired by The Aloha State all have one thing in common: they’re melodic, meaningful, and oh so beautiful. So if you’re expecting a girl, these Hawaiian girl names are popular on the mainland — and everywhere else.

You have many more options than you might think. Why? Well, quite a few Hawaiian baby names were gender-neutral in the past, meaning that they worked for both boys as well as girls. It’s only in recent times that there’s been a shift towards girl- and boy-specific baby names. And who got to choose the name? That honor went to the elders, a close family member, or the parents themselves. Names could be picked via a vision, an ancestor, or even based on baby’s personality.

Get ready for some big time fun as you take a virtual trip to The Big Island with these Hawaiian baby girl names.



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The name Kaia means “to rejoice” or “sea.” If you’re looking for a single syllable Hawaiian baby girl name, the nickname Kai is also very cute. It’s ranking right up there as a popular baby girl name, so be prepared to find a few Kaia’s in your kiddo’s preschool class.



If you want to give your child a name fit for a princess, then Leilani is it. It means “heaven, royal”, thanks to the stem “lani,” and “lei, flowers, child,” due to “lei.” Don’t be fooled by that “I” in the name, though: the name is pronounced lay-LAH-nee, not lee-lan-ee.



Many Hawaiian girl names are based in water and nature, and Kailani is no exception. It means “sea and sky,” and can be gender-neutral. Kailani has a few nicknames, such as Kaia, Kai, or Lani.



Oliana is a girls’ name of different origins, such as Spanish. But it’s the Hawaiian version that has the meaning of “oleander,” which is a beautiful flower. The only problem: oleander is poisonous, too.



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The beauty of Hawaiian baby names is that they take two concepts and bring them together to create a unique, amazing name. Such is the case with Aolani, a lovely sounding name if ever there were one. But when you understand the meaning of Aolani, (Hawaiian “ao” = cloud + “lani” = sky/heaven/royal), a baby named after a heavenly cloud sounds, well, heavenly.



Floral baby names are fun, and if you’re looking for a flowery Hawaiian baby girl’s name, look no further than Roselani. It means “heavenly rose”, and is mostly of Hawaiian origin.



“Heavenly flower” or “royal offspring.” The choice is yours when you give your baby the name Pualani. The name breaks down into “pua” which means “flower/offspring” and “lani,” meaning “heaven/sky/royal”.



Welp, you can’t get much more Hawaiian than Aloha. It means “joyful sharing of love,” and while it can be a baby name, it’s most often associated with being a greeting.



If pregnancy has made you glow, then Wena is an ideal name for your baby. It means “glow” in Hawaiian, and is a popular name.



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It’s as cliched as it comes, but when your baby came into your life, you just felt complete. And the Hawaiian baby girl’s name means just that: “whole” and “precious,” which pretty much describes this stage of your life.



For a Daddy’s girl in the making, there’s no better name than Apikaila. It means “my father is everything.” You can give your girl the nicknames Api, Kaila, or even Laila.



There’s nothing more addictive than a newborn baby’s scent. So soak up that delish scent by naming your baby Ke’ala. It breaks down into “ke” which means “one” and ”ala” meaning “fragrant”.



Although Malie has many origins (think Hebrew, French, Latin, and so on), it’s really popular in Hawaii. It means “calm” in Hawaiian, and might be ideal for a baby that has a gentle, loving spirit.



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You look at your little girl and can’t get over how gorgeous she is. That’s what makes the name Kanani so perfect. The baby girl’s name means “beauty” and, of course, is of Hawaiian origin.



Imagine waking up in Oahu, looking out over the beautiful scenery and seeing a mist rising. Well, that might be the inspiration for the name Noelani, which means “heavenly mist.” You can’t help but imagine it once you know the meaning.

Although all baby girl names can be beautiful, there’s something extra special about Hawaiian baby girl names. Maybe it’s the connection to such a rich culture, or the deep ties to the earth itself, and that’s why Hawaiian names should make it onto your baby-naming list.